The Book Nooks

books-918521_960_720We know that sometimes you don’t want a library book. You want to take that paperback to the lake and drop it in the sand, read in the bathtub, or highlight to your heart’s desire. While we hope you use the library as often as you can, the LLFA Book Nooks provide used books for all those other times.

The Book Nooks are similar to used bookstores, but have several wonderful advantages: we don’t sell books and movies, but give them to you for a voluntary donation. These donations go right back into your library, helping to fund numerous library programs. We also give books to various community entities such as the Lander Hospital, Ft. Washakie Dialysis Center, DFS, and Lights On.

What will you find when visiting one of our Book Nook locations?

You’ll discover a huge collection of used books & videos in a wide range of subjects for all ages, including a special children’s corner.

Where are the Book Nooks located?

  • The basement (we promise it’s not creepy) of the Carnegie building connected to the main library building at 451 N Second St.
  • The upper level of the Bank of the West building at 303 Main St.
  • Both locations are easily accessible by elevator or stairs.

This awesome resource exists because of YOU. Your regular visits, donations, and volunteer efforts help with operation of the Book Nooks and keep this service available to the community.

Volunteer help would be greatly appreciated. For more information about volunteering, inquire at either of the two Book Nook locations, or e-mail us at