Annual Board Retreat

Annual Board Retreat

This October, the LLFA Board, Boyd Broughton (former Lander Library Manager) and Andrea Orabona (acting as facilitator) met at Game and Fish for the annual Board Retreat.

Topics on the agenda included:

  • Progress against our 2015 Goals
  • Planning for the annual meeting
  • The Book Nooks
  • Membership
  • The Library’s “Wish List”

It was agreed that good progress was made on our 2015 Goals.  Significant progress was made in planning the annual meeting – scheduled for February 6, 2016.  Each Book Nook location was discussed, including the need for more volunteers and the pros and cons of operating two Book Nooks.

Boyd Broughton presented the Library’s wish list, and we agreed to pursue two grants for parts of the list (Children’s and Young Adult’s needs).  The LLFA will also provide $3,000 to be used for CD/DVD shelving or to cover the children and young adult programs should one or both grants not be approved.